Limo Buffalo FAQ

Can I drink in the limo?

If you are of legal drinking age, then yes, you can absolutely drink in the vehicle! We even have coolers so you can keep your drinks chilled!

Does Limo Buffalo provide alcohol?

No, the Sate of New York does not permit us to provide alcohol on our vehicles. But you are able to bring your own and drink in the vehicle.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?

We do not permit any smoking in our vehicles. However, you can make unlimited stops during your rental period so just let the driver know you need to pull over for a smoke break!

How many stops can we make?

As many or as little as you'd like! Sometimes the evening's plans get a little spontaneous and you need to schedule a few extra stops - we get that, so no worries! This service is included in your rental fee, we will never charge you extra for this!

What if I go over my rental time?

If you need the bus longer than you've rented it for, you are billed overtime. Over time is billed at the same hourly rate as in your agreement in 15 minute increments - meaning we do NOT charge more per hour after the rental is up and we do NOT make you pay for a full hour if you've only gone over 15 or 30 minutes!

What hours do you operate?

We operate 24/7 so any time you find yourself wanting to arrive at an event in style, we're here for you!

I don't see my question listed, what should I do?

If your question isn't answered above, simply give us a call any time at 716-371-1997 or send us an email at!

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